Redtel increase their FSBO listings by 50% with the help of our real estate lead generation software


About Redtel Global Consulting…


As manager of the Real Estate Department of Redtel and a Betterplace client, Felipe Gutiérrez is sitting down with us to explain what it’s like to work with real estate lead generation software, the benefits, and the results they’ve obtained.

Redtel Global Consulting is a business group based in Galicia (Vigo) with different areas of activity: energy certifications, property legalisation and the management of legal procedures to transform commercial premises into homes. In January this year, they decided to branch out into the real estate sector, managing property sales and rentals.

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Before using Betterplace…


Felipe has been using Betterplace for over a year nowas head of the Real Estate Department of Redtel. After his long career in the real estate sector and a change of job, Felipe tells us about the difficulties he encountered before using Betterplace.

    • When looking for individuals in the different real estate portals, Felipe found that it was difficult to differentiate between individuals and professionals. He would call each person one by one, not knowing whether the poster was a real estate agency or whether the individual was already working with another agent. He spent a lot of time on individuals who were not actually potential clients.
    • Felipe also explains that when clients asked him for an approximate valuation, he couldn’t get it to them straight away, as he would have liked. It took him a long time to appraise the property in order to offer his clients an estimate.
    • After attracting the individual, Felipe’s main difficulty was the amount of time it took him to carry out the property valuation. Carrying out a thorough valuation with comparables cost him 2 hours of work.

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Looking for solutions…


Felipe was aware of how long it was taking him to make property valuations, search for individuals portal by portal and not being able to offer an approximate valuation immediately. This is what lead him to try out Betterplace

    • Main real estate portals in a single list

Thanks to the Betterplace real estate listing, Felipe has access to the entire real estate offer from one place. We track the main real estate portals. This has allowed him to streamline this process as much as possible and focus on attracting individuals who are potential customers.

    • More leads

Felipe explains how they achieve most of their leads through Betterplace. He currently works with 6 agents aside from him, one of which has experience while the other 5 are in training, yet they all use Betterplace on a daily basis to acquire new properties.

With daily work and the help of the real estate software property report, Redtel have increased their leads by more than 50%.

Since he joined the Galicia-based business group a month and a half ago, he’s achieved 30 leads and closed 3 sales and 2 rentals. You can learn more about our lead generation module here.

    • Instant property valuation

Another feature Felipe highlights is how much faster he is now at providing his services to the individual. Now that he has Betterplace, he can offer owners an approximate estimate of their property by just finding out the cadastral area or address of the property, and instantly send it to the client via WhatsApp or email.

    • Thorough valuation in 30 minutes

For Felipe, time at work is essential. The valuation tool gives him a thorough valuation with comparables in half an hour, which he can then send to the owner. Before he found Betterplace, he did this process manually, and it him took at least 2 hours of work. If you would like to explore all the services our valuation module gives you access to, click here.

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Since Felipe began using our real estate software to acquire new properties more than a year ago, he has managed to implement a fast and efficient work methodology. With daily work and the help of Betterplace, he was able to enjoy results from day one.

Both at his previous workplace and at Redtel Global, Felipe saw a significant increase in his leads, in the latter by more than 50%.

What’s more, he’s managed to streamline his services as much as possible, giving him a huge advantage over other real estate companies and allowing him to be the first to acquire the properties.

When an owner calls to ask for a rough appraisal, he can provide it with the valuation report right away. Likewise, when he needs a more in-depth valuation with comparables, he can send it to the owner within 30 minutes.

As in all sectors, if you want to achieve results you have to work at them every day, be consistent and offer the best possible services, but if you also have tools that facilitate and speed up your work, such as Betterplace, your results will be even better.

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