Make accurate valuations: set yourself apart from your competition

The Betterplace valuation tool lets you accurately valuate all types of properties: homes, business premises, warehouses, lands and offices. You can also customise and adjust your valuations to build maximum customer trust.

Complete information for an accurate valuation

Calculate the price that is closest to reality thanks to the largest database of comparables on the market.

Software Para Aumentar Tus Captaciones Betterplace
Software Para Aumentar Tus Captaciones Betterplace

Adjust your valuations

The valuation tool lets you customise the key parameters of the valuation with filters to save time. You can select comparables for that specific valuation and make price adjustments based on the characteristics of each property.

This level of customisation gives you accurate valuations that will you set you head and shoulders above the competition.

Customised delivery

The reports are fully customisable, so you can add your corporate identity (logo plus corporate colours of your agency).

There’s also the option to include the agent’s personal information to build trust.

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Betterplace trial

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