Don’t worry if you don’t have a form on your website — you can attract individuals with a Google Form


If you’ve ever found it difficult to collect contact details due to not having a form on your website, this article has the solution for you — Google Forms. Start attracting individuals today with Google Forms!

GoogleForm is a Google application that allows you to collect information through forms. All you need to set one up is a Gmail account.

Once you’ve logged in, choose a template that best suits your needs. In this case, as you’re collecting details from individuals, a good choice would be the contact details form.

Attracting Individuals With Google Forms

Once you’ve selected the form, the first thing I recommend you do is add the title. One idea could be PROPERTY VALUATION REQUEST FOR [NAME OF YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENCY], which will allow users to identify it easily.

Next you need to add the questions. Keep in mind that name, email address and property address are essential if you want to send them the valuation afterwards. That’s why I suggest making these fields mandatory, as shown below.

Attracting Individuals With Google Forms

CAREFUL! Don’t forget to add the data protection check box, here’s how to do it.

Then you’ll also need to choose the type of answer. You can see the different options in the image below; short answer, paragraph, check boxes. Since you need them to fill out the questions with their details, the best choice here would be short answer.

Attracting Individuals With Google Forms

Once you’ve written the questions, customise the form with your corporate colours and add your own header. This will give you a more professional and trustworthy image. To do this, go to Theme Options, on the top right side. Here’s an example of a simple but eye-catching customised form.

Attracting Individuals With Google Forms

You’ll need to create the header before you insert it. You can do this on Canva with 1200x300px dimensions. One idea of a simple and easy-to-make header is the one below. The background is the main corporate colour, with your real estate agency’s name and logo in the middle.

Attracting Individuals With Google Forms

The last thing you need to do before you can start using your form is generate the form’s URL so that you can share it wherever you want. To do this, click on the Send button and a window will open up like the one below. Click on the link symbol (second drawing) and the url will be generated automatically. This address will be very long, so I suggest you click on the Shorten URL button.

Every time someone fills out the form, you’ll receive their details in the Gmail account you used to create the Google Form.

Attracting Individuals With Google Forms

As you can see, creating a customised form using Google Form is easy and very useful. You can now start to use it on your social media posts. Don’t worry if you don’t know how, here’s How to automatically attract individuals with Facebook.

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