The importance of good follow-up to attract individuals

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get individuals to listen to you. In these situation, it’s really important to follow up to attract individuals. This means making that first contact and then little by little, through calls, WhatsApp or emails warming them up and gaining their trust to end up winning them over.

Before conducting a follow-up strategy to attract individuals, you will first need to get their contact details. Some ways to do this are through your website, Facebook ad campaigns, social media posts or with an automatic valuation tool.

Here’s one of our own posts. in which you can see how making an attractive Facebook post can really help you get contact details from individuals.

Once you have the contact details, you can put into practice different follow-up strategies for attracting individuals. Here are 2 different ways to go about this.

1. Calling

Just as some individuals prefer to be sent a message or email, there are others who prefer to be contacted by phone. In this case, you can prepare a 3-call structure, like the following.

  • Call 1: Gain trust

Use this first call to build trust; the first contact is key to getting the owner to be receptive. Introduce yourself and be interested in finding out their situation, listen to them and offer them something to secure a second call, like a free property valuation.

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  • Call 2: Valuation report

Let the individual know that the report is ready, briefly explain what information is included in the report and secure a third call.

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  • Call 3: Schedule a visit

In this third call, ask them what they thought of the report and try to secure a visit to the property.

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2. Emailing

Another way to attract individuals is to follow up on email.Here, it’s important to come up with a good subject line to get the individual to open the email. With this type of communication method you can include more information, but don’t go overboard. An example of email follow-up could be the following.

  • Email 1: Introduction + Interest

The first email is the initial contact point, introduce yourself and ask why they contacted you.

Email subject: Hi Maria, pleased to meet you! (With this subject, the individual will be curious to find out who is pleased to meet them and will most likely open the email to see what it is about)

Email 1 Ingl S
  • Email 2: Valuation report

Once you have more information about the individual, you can offer them a free valuation of their house. This will continue to keep their attention and they will want to know what their house is worth.

Email subject: How much is your home worth? This subject line gets the individual curious about the price of their home, and they will be tempted to open the message and read it.

Email 2 Ingles

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  • Email 3: Back up your work with data and schedule a visit

In this third email, send them the approximate valuation and back up your work with data on the area and schedule a visit.

Email subject: What you need to know to sell your home

  • The % of homes sold by real estate companies in the last year in your area
  • The % of homes sold by individuals in the area that have been listed on real estate portals for more than 6 months
  • How much individuals have had to lower their price to sell their home in the area

These figures give the individual interesting information about their area and at the same time back up your work.

KEEP IN MIND! Don’t forget to attach the file before sending off the email

Email 3 Ingles

Sometimes you can even combine both examples and implement a follow-up strategy where you make calls and send emails. Carrying out follow-ups is a long process, but it will help the individual to be receptive, listen to you and make the decision to hire your services to manage the sale of their property.

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