QR code usage is increasing by 52%


In last’s week’s post, I told you How to automatically attract individuals with Facebook by creating an attractive post and collecting contact details.

Well, in today’s post I’m going to tell you how you can use a QR code to attract individuals on the street. Over the last months, hosts of places have started to use QR codes both to provide and gather information. This technology was already around long before COVID-19, however due to the pandemic, its use has increased by 52%.

You probably use different real estate farming techniques such as:

Direct mailing

This technique is very popular, but going door to door without knowing whether the individual is interested or not can be a waste of time and effort. Often the individual is not interested and will just throw away your brochure.

Public relations

Getting to know your neighbourhood and getting your neighbourhood to know you is really important. Having a good relationship with doormen, waiters and shop assistants in your area can help you build a good network of referrals. That way, if a local resident wants to sell their house, they’ll immediately think of you or someone will tell them about you and you’ll be able to get their contact details.

For-sale signs

Other technique you probably use is look for for-sale signs for properties that individuals are selling. By doing this, every time you see a new sign, you’ll be able to see the individual’s contact details so that you can call them and offer your services.

As you’ve probably learned, these farming techniques work, but they take a lot of time and patience. What’s more, you may be approaching individuals who aren’t potential clients, meaning you invest all your resources without getting anything in return.

For this reason, I recommend you use new lead generation techniques that save time and money, such as QR codes linked to your automatic valuation tool. Don’t worry if you don’t have an automatic valuation tool. Here’s how to go about getting one and get the best out of it.

Using QR codes will allow you to broaden your lead generation area as you can place your code anywhere around the city. On the other hand, anyone who does scan your code is likely to be a potential client, they’re likely to already be interested in buying or selling a house, which will give you more chances of acquiring a property.

Other advantage of using QR codes is their low cost. Nowadays, there are tons of free applications that will generate codes for you; click here to find out how to generate a QR code. Once you’ve generated your QR code you can start using it. All you need to do is get a bit creative 😉. Here are a few success stories from our clients who’ve used QR codes.

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  • QR ON MUPIS. MUPIs are very eye-catching; they tend to be situated in strategic places where lots of people will see them. One example of a MUPI advertising campaign is the one carried out by the Vallenova real estate agency in Valladolid.

Betterplace MUPI Vallenova QRAdvertising campaign on MUPIs in Valladolid for Vallenova real estate agency

  • QR ON YOUR OFFICE WINDOW DISPLAY OR ON YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENCY’S TV SCREEN. Another way is to put your QR code on your office window display, or if you want it to be even more eye-catching, you can stick it on your TV screen. One example of using a QR on their window display is Aldaria Asesores Inmobiliarios in their Alicante offices.

Betterplace Display Qr AldariaAdvertising on the window display of the Aldaria Asesores Inmobiliarios offices

  • QR ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Another idea is to add your QR to your social media like Miramadrid did on Facebook, both on stories and on any posts you upload. If you have a business Facebook account, you might want to read this post How to automatically attract individuals with Facebook.

Betterplace Socials Qr MiramadridFacebook lead generation campaign using QR code by Miramadrid

As you can see, this technology is on the rise. If you want to start attracting clients through a QR with a web valuation tool like our clients, 👉 Free trial, with no commitment

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