Today we’re looking at how to attract individuals with Facebook using an attractive post


I’m sure you find it difficult at times to win contact details as many individuals are unaware of the advantages of working with a professional real estate agent. So, in today’s post I’m going to explain how to attract individuals with Facebook through a post.


The key is to create a post that will grab users’ attention. There are loads of tools out there that can help you create super fast and attractive posts to start attracting clients; I recommend ➔ Canva

In order to attract owners with posts, you need to choose text that grabs the user’s attention, letting them know that you have the solution to their needs to draw them in.

All owners wanting to sell their property need to know the price, so I suggest you start by creating a post in which you offer a property valuation. This will grab their attention and get you one step closer to securing their contact details.

Here’s an idea of a text that goes straight to the point: Want to find out how much your home is worth?

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Other ideas for text that will capture people’s attention could be… Would you like to know the price of your property?’ or ‘You’re thinking about buying, but you need to sell your house first… at [Name of your estate agency] we offer property valuations with no commitment’

I recommend you highlight that the valuation comes with no commitment, and to do that you can use phrases like, ‘We valuate your property with no commitment’, ‘We do your initial home valuation for free’ or ‘We valuate your home for free and with no commitment’, which will make them more open to asking for one.

To build more trust and professionalism you can add your logo. This also helps users be able to identify you from the get-go. Adding a picture to your post will also help grab users’ attention. Photographs in warm hues, unedited and unsaturated, like the one I used for the example, work best.


Once the post is ready to be uploaded to Facebook, there are two ways you can collect the contact details; using a form or with a automatic valuation tool.

  • FORM

You probably have a contact form on your website, so when you post on Facebook, insert the URL of your website so that individuals can ask for a valuation by filling out your form.

If you don’t have a form on your website, don’t worry. Here’s how you can quickly and easily attract individuals using a Google Form.

Once you’ve organised the post and the form, you’ll start receiving contact details through Facebook. For each of the contact details you receive, the next step would be to send them a valuation of their home via email. Use that email to secure a viewing in which you can take a look at the property and offer them a more accurate and professional valuation.

DON’T FORGET! Don’t take too long to send the valuation, no one likes to wait. Keep track of every request you receive so that you don’t forget to answer any of the individuals’ questions.


Another way to collect contact details from your post is with a web valuation tool that lets you automate the process to look more professional. Some even let you personalise them, and customising the colour and adding your logo is key to building trust. Here’s an example of how automatic valuation tools work.

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Another advantage is that the potential client won’t get cold feet as they will know the estimated price instantly and get a detailed report of their property within seconds (property data, estimated price, comparables in the area, etc.). This immediacy will give you a huge advantage over other real estate agencies as you’ll get to be the first one to offer them a report and get their contact details.

Informe Valo Ingles

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Lastly, I recommend you specify in your email that it’s an automatic response with only an approximate valuation as it doesn’t take into account certain variables, and that in no way does it work as a professional valuation. For example, with the Betterplace website valuation tool the individual will receive the report and a message in which this information is explained to them. This encourages individuals to reach out to you to ask for a more accurate valuation.

If you’re already a Betterplace user but don’t know how to get the link to your valuation tool, don’t panic, this article explains just how to do it.

So to sum up, you can collect contact details using either of these methods, but if you want to save time and be the first person to get the individual’s details, you can only do that with the valuation tool. So, if you already have Betterplace, why wait to start attracting sellers with our own automatic valuation tool?

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