4 tricks to convince an owner who doesn’t want agencies and successfully overcome the 1st call


It’s time for a new Tuesday blog! Have you ever had problems getting an individual to listen to you on the first call? I’m sure it’s happened more than once. Well, in today’s post I’m going to tell you 4 tricks to convince an owner who doesn’t want agencies and successfully overcome the 1st call.

1. Structure the call


Bear in mind that you’re calling someone who doesn’t know you, so it’s very important that you explain who you are, where you’re calling from and why you’re calling.

The goal of the call is to secure a meeting with this person. You have to convince an owner who doesn’t want agencies, so it’s important to be friendly at all times and have a positive attitude. This will let them know that your aim is to help them, not to make a commission.

One thing I recommend is for you to create a list with the most common excuses and prepare arguments to counter them. Most homeowners have the same excuses, so here’s an example of arguments to refute the most common ones.

    • ‘Thanks, but I don’t have time’ ➡️ When they give you this excuse, ask them when they hold their viewings and invite them to have a coffee with you after the last one so that you can meet them and explain how you work. In this way, you’re suggesting to meet up them when they have availability and at the same time you’re dismantling their ‘I don’t have time’ excuse.
    • ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t want agencies.  ➡️ Here, make yourself seem calm. Tell them that you’re calling not to get them to hire you, but for them to get to know you. Tell them that in your experience, individuals who start off managing the sale on their own end up becoming overwhelmed due to lack of time, and this leads the sale to fall apart.
    • ‘I’ve had bad experiences in the past, I’m not interested’  ➡️ In this case, ask them whether they’ve ever been upset with their doctor, mechanic or any other professional and stopped going, they’re bound to say no. So try to explain that just because they had a bad experience doesn’t mean they’re all the same, they just need to try another professional.

2. ‘Show them’ your contact book


When you talk to an owner, it’s very important you know their ‘weaknesses’ and if there’s one thing most of them have in common, it’s their interest in selling quickly.

One thing that works in your favour is that you already know the characteristics of the property. You can tell them that you have clients who are looking for a home with similar characteristics to theirs— this will grab their attention and interest.

A good idea is to give them a brief description of these characteristics. This will show them that you’ve done your research on their specific case and it’s not just another call.

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3. Highlight the benefits of your services


Talk about your services as an extra help and not as a commission. Below are 2 important aspects that you can highlight.

    • Experience. Let them know that in your experience, selling a home is difficult and time consuming, and that this often causes individuals to get tired and the sale to take much longer. On the other hand, your knowledge and client portfolio will make the process much faster.
    • Resources. Oftentimes, owners only list their home on 1 or 2 real estate portals and don’t consider other options. Here you can offer to post their home on your social media or even create a paid ad campaign to significantly increase the property’s visibility and therefore their sales opportunities.

If one of your social networks is Facebook, here is our first post in which I explain how to automatically attract individuals through Facebook.

4. Individuals vs professionals


Last but not least, explain the difference between selling the property on their own and doing it with the services of a professional. The best way to back up this claim is to prepare an property report with the following data:

    • How long flats listed by individuals have been on the market in their area and not been sold.
    • How much the owners had to drop their price in order to sell their home.
    • The % of properties sold by real estate companies compared to individuals in the area.
    • A comparison between the supply and demand in the area for properties that have the same characteristics as theirs

By offering them a report like this one plus the rest of your arguments, the individual will realise the time and effort that goes into selling a home. As an added bonus, it also gives your work credibility. This will make the owner more open to having a meeting with you, and they will be more likely to consider hiring your services to help sell their home.

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